What exactly is hair wax for men?

At Drogisterij Plus you will find a very extensive range of all kinds of drugstore products, for both men and women. You can also contact Drogisterij Plus for hair wax especially for men. Men often find it more difficult to make a choice for the care and styling of their hair: you can choose hair wax for men, but there is also hair gel for styling the hair. The difference with the hair wax and hair gel for women is not so much in the composition, but in the smell. Men and women simply have different preferences when it comes to the smell of their hair.

So what is the difference between hair wax for men and hair gel?

That said, there is a difference between men's hair wax and hair gel. That's in the use of both products: hair wax is more likely to be used if your hair is short, and you only use a small amount. For example, you can suffice to apply some hair wax for men to one section on your head, gel, on the other hand, is often used more widely in the hair. Hair wax for men is a bit stiffer, so it spreads a little less than hair gel. Depending on the desired effect, you can use both products.

Which is better, hair wax or hair gel for men?

We are often asked this question, and it is very difficult to answer whether hair wax or hair gel for men is better. Actually, there is no better or less good, but the choice is a matter of preference. As mentioned, hair wax for men is often used for short hair, while hair gel is often more liquid, so you can more easily distribute it over a greater length. It might be a silly thing to say, but they both do the same thing: you can style your hair with them.

Can I easily get hair wax out of my hair?

The hair wax for men is fine to remove from the hair, but there is a difference in fairness: hair wax for men is, as mentioned, somewhat stiffer, and has a greater adhesive force on the hair. If you want to get the hair wax out of your hair, we recommend using a little hotter water, then the hair wax will 'melt', and you can easily rinse it out of your hair. Of course we also have a good shampoo and conditioner.

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